Amani, Inc.

CMEIPL Environmental Chambers and Test Equipment

Amani, Inc. represents CMEIPL (C.M.Equipment Instruments (I) Pvt. Ltd.) in USA and
Canada. CMEIPL is a quality manufacturer of environmental chambers and testers.
CMEIPL simulates various environments across a wide range of temperature, humidity,
altitude, coastal atmosphere, solar radiation, rain, dust and vacuum within any specified
confined spaces meeting various International standards.

Following is a current list of products manufactured by CMEIPL. Please let us know
your requiremets. We will supply a quality product at a competitive price. Try us and see
how much money you can save.

List of current products:

Thermal shock chamber
Climatic chamber
Humidity chamber
Walk-in humidity chamber
Cold & Hot Cyclic chamber
Seed Germinator
Salt Spray (Fog) Tester
Dry Heat chamber
Tray Drier
Low temperature chamber
BOD Incubator
Bacteriological Incubator
Dust test chamber
Ageing oven
Vacuum Oven

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